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April 2024

Sale of business to
Huber Engineered Materials

Sell-Side Advisor

Trumont serves as sell-side advisor to Natrium Products (Cortland, NY) and its founding shareholders in the sale of their business to J.M. Huber Corporation’s Engineered Materials division (Atlanta, GA)

*** J.M. Huber Press Release ***

Atlanta, Georgia, US (April 2, 2024) – Huber Engineered Materials (“HEM”), a specialty manufacturing business within the J.M. Huber Corporation (“Huber”) portfolio of companies, through its subsidiary Huber Soda, LLC, announced today it has acquired the Natrium Products business assets (“Natrium”) from Natrium Products, Inc.  

Natrium, based in Cortland, New York, is a leading manufacturer of specialty sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) in North America. It serves diverse industries, including water treatment & pool maintenance, cleaning products, plastics, food, as well as industrial and pharmaceutical applications. 

Natrium is now part of Huber Specialty Minerals (HSM), a strategic business unit of HEM. This is an important acquisition for HSM’s growing sodium bicarbonate business, which currently consists of its Natural Soda facility in Rifle, Colorado. Natrium’s products are complementary to HSM’s diversified portfolio of specialty minerals, which includes the production of sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate products that are used in a variety of health and nutrition applications, as well as construction applications, including joint compound, caulking, paints, grouts, mortars, PVC piping and concrete. 

Natrium’s commitment to excellent quality and product reliability, technical expertise and exceptional customer service align nicely with HEM’s culture. Its geographic footprint, ability to service small volume customers and coarser grade products provide an attractive competitive advantage for HEM. 

“Natrium is a great fit for the HEM organization, as it further grows our existing specialty minerals platform and will supplement our products and bring additional value to our end-markets and customers,” says Dan Krawczyk, President of Huber Engineered Materials. “We are excited to welcome our new team members and accelerate growth for all organizations involved.”