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Services: Chemicals, Ingredients, Industrial Minerals and Materials Companies
  • Dedicated Industry Focus
  • Consistent Senior Attention
  • Extensive Global Network
  • Bespoke, Impartial and Independent Advice
  • Value Maximization Focus
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Sell-Side Advisory

Our core focus is to assist owners (including families and founders) in maximizing shareholder value in confidential and carefully-managed sale processes. Trumont has additional experience with carve-outs and sales of divisions and business units by parent companies (both public and private).

We leverage our deep understanding of the chemical and related industries to specialize in:

  • Preparing and positioning the investment story.
  • Identifying and quickly accessing synergistic strategic and financial investors at the highest levels.
  • Obtaining and evaluating indicative offers.
  • Structuring Letters of Intent / Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Managing next phase due diligence.
  • Negotiating definitive legal documentation and achieving closure (completion).

Buy-Side Advisory

In advising acquirers and assessing targets, Trumont functions as a combined M&A advisor and strategy consultant. Our distinctive strengths are:

  • Detailed understanding of more than 100+ sub-verticals within the chemicals sector enabling us to quickly get “early warning” of a transaction’s critical drivers.
  • Ability to quickly isolate the critical value-drivers shaping commercial performance and strategic growth.
  • Senior-level attention: our professionals have seen the chemical and related industries evolve through several cycles and regulatory changes over 25+ years.
  • Understanding of chemical and associated sector-specific liabilities and risk allocation in transactions.

Trumont’s buy-side advisory covers all aspects of initial evaluation, synergy estimation, non-binding offer preparation, second stage due diligence, negotiation of definitive agreements and closing mechanics.

If required, we also draw on the expertise of affiliated “vertical experts” on complex situations.

Strategic Planning and Special Advisory

Trumont’s deep industry expertise enables us to deliver insightful, experienced and analytical advice on corporate development issues to “C” suite and board-level decision-makers, including:

  • Portfolio reviews and strategic alternatives.
  • Growth strategy appraisals.
  • Acquisition searches.

Additionally, Trumont has provided valuation opinions to private companies and assisted in evaluating and structuring joint ventures and partnering alliances.